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Re: flash commander?

Commander mode is definintely worth checking out. Not only does the built-in flash fire the remote SB600, there is a clever exchange of light flashes between the two flashes, enabling the camera to calculate the optimum flash output, then directing the flash to fire with that intensity (if you use wireless commander in TTL mode, that is).

Recently a friend and I went to a wedding and were asked to take a few shots. Both of us had a D70 and a SB600. We set both SB600 flashes on wireless and switched to wireless commander mode on both cameras. The result? The D70's built-in flash set off both flashes at the same time (=double power), AND both of us were able to use our own cameras and fire the flashes (=twice as many good shots). We felt pretty good walking around freely and getting properly exposed photos with well lit background.

The official photographer was green with envy.

I love the Nikon wireless flash system.


patdog wrote:

Never mind I found out what you are talking about. I haven't had my
D70 long. I noticed the commader option when I first read the
manual but didn't understand it and had sort of forgotten about it.
That makes the decision about buying the SB600 (or SB800) a lot

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