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Re: The reason I'm off.

Thads not interily true.

I have sayed If I like an picture I will post If I do not like an picture I do not post.
I do not want to hurt sombody.

Iff I may say somtinge I was an year in the canon 300-D forum from the begin.
its all the same way.
If somboy like your picture the gone post ok its good.
If peaple do not like the picture is atleast the fault of the lens.
or the camera.
in the furst place.
when you pictures are realy bad some will say.
ok I would do it this way or another way

But then you need to realise canon = no kodak.
well how i do explane it all my english is verry poor.

As Dave mentioned in his thread, the DSLR talk is getting in the way.

When I bought my DSLR, I did mention that I would not post any shots with it here, somehow I got suckered into doing just that.

I still have five Kodak digital cameras and could keep on posting pictures, but I can say this, on this forum, nobody has critiqued any of my pictures at all, ever.

I started this little hobby 16 months ago and have now got stuck into a rut, it has gotten to the point that I have to force myself to take a camera out with me because I have nothing to aim for.

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All the best.

Lost in space not if you have an camera....

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