What is the NIKON001 DSC File ?

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Re: What is the NIKON001 DSC File ?

Hi Tom,

This "NIKON001.DSC" file exist even on your card. It just marked as "Hidden" so you can't see it. Your daughter's system must be set as "Show Hidden Files" so she saw the file, but you're not.

I also set my system to always show Hidden File, so I know this is normal. Even my old Coolpix camera have create this file (But can't remember how Nikon called the file).

So, don't worry, it's normal! If you are in doubt, just set your Windows to show hidden file and you will see it there. : )

Enjoy the new camera!


Tom Terrific wrote:

Help please,

I've had a D70 for a year - my daughter just bought a new one. I'm
trying to help her (she's 500 miles away) with her new camera.

When she opens her memory card, it shows a file that I don't get:
"NIKON001 dsc file 1kb" in internet explorer.

Maybe this file has to do with a firmware update that I don't have
but just guessing.

Any clues, please?

Thanks for the help!
Tom T

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