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I used to participate on Photosig, but I learned to hate it. It exerts a huge pressure of blandification -- shooting for the lowest common denominator. Flowers, bug macros, anal-retentive "figure studies," golden-hour landscapes, pouty soft-focus "glamour" ladies, you name it -- every photographic cliché ever invented is celebrated there on a daily basis.

My advice would be: steer clear of Photosig like the plague, if you want to retain a modicum of individuality in your photography. If you're strong enough to resist the temptation of starting to shoot for thumbs-up, you don't need the affirmation anyway -- and if you're not, you risk your artistic integrity and individuality (yes, you do have it).

When I found myself shooting a sunset by the sea and thinking "this'll score me a few thumbs," I quit cold turkey.

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