Help Please - Magazine Printing DPI S3Pro problem

Started May 12, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Embedded JPEG

It sounds to me like they are looking at the embedded jpeg in the RAW file, and not the RAW file itself. I doubt they even have the software to decode the RAW file. The embedded jpeg is very low resolution. Send them a TIFF file instead and that should definitely solve the problem.


SimonD wrote:

Grateful for the replies, it's always good to know I can get some
fast answers on here, it's saved my bacon a couple of times

At least I have some info now when they call and can hopefully sort
this out.

Regarding the size to print, it's an A4 glossy mag and needs an
option to print to A3 for say a centrefold, the largest I have had
printed was a 15" x 10" which I was pleased with, but that was a

From what I gather they blow up the image to poster size and resize
down, no idea how or why, but they say it was very pixelated at
this point.

Regarding RAW, they wanted off the camera untouched files with zero
editing so they have complete control, I think the TIFF option is
feasable and will suggest this to them, means file sizes will be
64Meg rather than 24Meg but so be it.

3 DVD discs instead of 1 with 120 photo's to process.

The mag itself are very film biased and I am one of the first
digital submissions so some learning curve is in there.

Hopefully I can get this sorted this morning.

My worst fear now is having them rejected for not enough megapixels

If so then bye bye Fuji S3 hello Canon 1Ds (my poor wallet!)

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