Help Please - Magazine Printing DPI S3Pro problem

Started May 12, 2005 | Discussions thread
Michael Stephen Regular Member • Posts: 409
The magazine printers are morons

The magazine printers are morons or else the designers are. Every now and then I have to deal with this, it amazes me that people who dont know how to resample without changing file size ever get jobs in the magazine industry. You havent done anything wrong, al they have to do is resample the image so it is 300 dpi. What will happen is the image will go from 72dpi and 150cm by 100cm (guessing as i have forgotten actual figures) to 300dpi at 60ish cm by 40ish cm. You get the picture.

I would put a big chunk of money on the fact this magazine art director doesnt have his/her monitor calibrated. Your next problem will be after the images are printed complaints about colour etc etc. next time you do work for them ask if they have calibrated monitors, if possible go in and have a look at their machines. Magazines do dumb stuff like view images on monitors next to bright windows etc.
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