Help Please - Magazine Printing DPI S3Pro problem

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Re: Help Please - Magazine Printing DPI S3Pro problem

Hi Simon,

SimonD wrote:

I have shot & supplied a magazine with a set of photo's shot in RAW
mode, I have been contacted with a problem that the DPI of 72 is
too small to print and the photo's are pixelating.

As far as I can remember 72 dpi is defalt resolution for JPGs only.

I'm lost on this one, I know it's easy to increase the DPI/PPI to
say 300 in Hyper Utility but that's converting the pics to Jpeg or
Tiff and they want RAW.

If you need solve formal restrictions, open your RAF in PS ACR with 300 dpi settings. PS CS2 ACR 3.1 makes XMP files that contain all your settings to open your RAF with. Accompany RAF with XMP and they in the magazine will get what you want them to see.

I have deinstalled my PS CS, but it seems to me that it has saved XMP settings inside RAF itself (but I can be wrong here) or it had an option to save separate XMP file.

Good news - ACR 3.1 DNG converter (it's free from Adobe off site) makes a good job converting RAF into DNG and saves WIDE2 Dynamic Range!!! You can also have your RAF (previously opened in PS ACR for setting it up) converted to DNG (which is a RAW file) and then transfer it to magazine.

Also is the max printing size (without resampling) of an S3 Pro pic
only 14.1 x 9.387 inches?

Yes, at 12 MPix. But tell me which magazine needs bigger prints?
S3 files are sufficient to be upsized at least to 200% to get decent prints.

The printing house is ringing me tomorrow to discuss the problem
further, but can anyone give me any useful info on this issue?

I have done a search and gleaned a little info, but any specific
advice would be MUCH appreciated.

Simon Davies

Have a nice day.

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