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Re: 7D? no thanks

Stan P wrote:

One thing that many people overlook is how the camera handles with
gloves on. While lots of tiny dials is fine when you're shooting
models for SI swimsuit edition, when you freeze your ass shooting
downhills like I do, only Canon button/wheel system allows me to
shoot without taking gloves off.

When I used EOS-5 with Goretex(R) gloves which has 4mm thickness to be used around -20C(-5F) degree in Canada, I could operate main, sub dials and function dials but other tiny buttons were not pushed correctly because the thick glove pushed two buttons easily.
Dials are easier to operate in such situations.

Another issue is that those dials are a magnet for dust/moisture.
The fewer openings camera body has, the better.

I fully agree with this point.

Lastly, any extra dial is an extra opportunity to catch on a piece
of clothing, etc. I like the Canon body because it is soo smooth
and rounded. Makes it quicker on the draw as well.

I have been used SLR for 30 years and I had no experiances what you mentioned. On the other hand, I guess more mechanical trouble risk is higher than buttons.

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