New High end Canon on the way.. Pt.2

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Re: New High end Canon on the way.. Pt.2

Spino wrote:

We've talked about what Canon's tweener cameras are before--they
have almost always been testbeds for technology. Just think about
the tweeners since 1978. The A-1 was the first multi-mode camera.
The T-90 was a testbed for the ergonomics that are still being used
in the EOS series, as well as things like multi-point spot
metering. The EOS-5/A2E was the ECF testbed. And the EOS-3 was
the CMOS focus unit, 45 pt focus unit testbed...among other things.

They are also among some of the best and most fun cameras Canon has
made in the last 25 years--and I've owned every one of them.

If you look at the Canon DSLRs, the one thing that stands out from
the camera perspective is that the improvements are
incremental/evolutionary as opposed to revolutionary. I love my
1DII, but it's not the same kind of jump in the overall camera as
the tweeners were at their times.

If we do get a tweener, I'm definitely of the opinion we will get
something new--many people have pointed out the profitability of
the just-below-1 standard cameras. But the what could be
wide-ranging, and it will probably be more than one thing.

I hope this is true...I haven't missed one of these yet and have
loved them all!


Very true Spino and that's what I beleive will again be the case with the tweener. Paul Pope alluded to an all new camera from Canon. It might not be called a 3D as it won't be a digital version of the EOS 3, but it doesn't matter to me as long as it's a genuine tweener with the specs alluded to above.

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