What were they thinking??? (press)

Started May 6, 2005 | Discussions thread
silent_man Senior Member • Posts: 1,215

Sometimes journalists do not have enough motivation for a particular assignment, and that seems to be the case in that one.

As a photojournalist that works in a small town, with totally unexperienced reporters and non existant big news, i often find myself not wanting to run after the picture.

It's motivation that limits your work, and I guess that happens to every professional at some point.

I am so tired of situations where i bring an amazing picture, and it gets "shelved". There are other times where i bring an absolutely OOFF piece o c#$%ap and the editor comes saying "Oh! What a great picture!". And it just makes me wanna cry.

I tried to keep myself focused on getting better and building a strong portfolio to persue an "upgrade" to some big newspaper.

For you, it was all fun. You enjoyed every moment of it.

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