Panoramas. Can somebody please help me?

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Panoramas. Can somebody please help me?

This is a bit off topic, but as I know people here, I thought I would post here as well as the Mac forum.

I want to get into panoramas, and for sometime have been trying to find a suitable software program. I tried a trial download of REALVIS Stitcher Express, and got nowhere with it. It just seemed difficult to use, very incomplete, and it did not work for me. I have tried the Photomerge option in PSCS, but it never quite fits all the images well, even with 50% overlap.

I really only want to make horizontal panoramas incorporating no more than 12 images, usually more like 5 to 8. I don't want to join them as a movie. I haven't tried to use a special panorama head, although I have tried it with the tripod, and it makes no real difference.

I have a Mac G4 twin 1.25, with plenty of ram, a good monitor, etc. No computer problems. But I do need help. I have been considering buying Arcsoft Panorama Maker 3. Has anybody tried it, and what is your opinion? And does anybody who regularly makes panoramas have any software/hardware advice? I would try it, but they only do a trial version for Windows. I have discovered a lot more software of this kind for Windows than for the Mac!

I am using an Olympus E-1, and have a good range of lenses for it. I understand about using manual exposure, wb, focus, etc. so that is not the problem. The images just never fit together properly. I am ok on the computer, but not brilliant by any means. I would like something that does not requie too much fine touching up. Maybe I am kidding myself about that, though.

So would anybody like to offer some suggestions?

Thank you.

Ray Kinnane
Saga-shi, Japan

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