New High end Canon on the way.. Pt.2

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Whats the matter with you people?

Paul42 wrote:

For a very long time, Nikon could charge a premium price for the
lenses, flashes, and so forth because their camera bodies had the
right reputation. Canon appears to be out to bury Nikon so that
they can be the company getting the premium prices.

If Canon can come out with a product that will really hurt Nikon,
they will announce it with timing designed to hurt Nikon sales and
produce it as quickly as possible. They are almost certainly not
above releasing rumors on purpose if they perceive that it will
hurt Nikon sales enough.

Big corporations like these are run by people that are used to
playing hardball. They didn't get to their position in the
corporation by doing things half way.

Many people on these forums seems obsessed with ideas that "Canon should kill Nikon". Very strange psychological phenomen indeed. Must have something to do with the fact that many people identfies themselves with things they buy, like cars, expensive stereo kits, big cameras etc. They feel their manhood threathened if Nikon comes up with a better product.

Is all Canon products aimed at destroying Nikon products - dont you think Canon instead simply tries to develop the best line up they can? Are they always reacting to what they think Nikon will do - sounds very defensive to me.

Canon will probably never "kill" Nikon - but if that was the case, is it anybody who seriously believe that that would be a good thing - a monopoly on high end cameras?

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