New High end Canon on the way.. Pt.2

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Re: New High end Canon on the way.. Pt.2

Morihei wrote:


The 'tweener' is going to be a

HUGE seller. And its still up in the air if they will merge the 1D
series into one body or just keep up the same two bodies, the one
for fast sports shooters/PJ's, and the other for high commercial
studio users.

Huh? Canon have explicitly stated that they are going to merge the 1D and 1Ds lines.

They didn't say when , but if you rin the numbers 8.5fps at 20-22MP gets feasible in the next iteration.

Most people who werre going to buy the 1DII already have, so I don't think Canon are too bothered about loosing sales.

The 1Ds stands on it's own as the premier studio camera, and many buyers of that quality don't have to worry about saving a few dollars.
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