New High end Canon on the way.. Pt.2

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Re: 7D? no thanks

I am one of those that find the 1 Series ergonomics much better
than most.

Maybe so for you, but that doesn't mean it can't be improved. I for one would like metering on a dial like the way Nikon does it. There's a central lock button you push and then you turn the ring dial. All of this can be accomplished with one hand. Same for the mode dial. Nikon makes you push a small lock button then turn the dial but it's all grouped in the same area so you can do it with one hand.

Also, having these interfaces separate instead of having to refer to a busy LCD display is more user friendly. Your mind becomes accustomed to the location and feel of the dial and instinctively relates it to its function. On the other hand, with the LCD display your brain always has to subconscioulsy interpret the display before zeroing in on the part that you need to look at.

I'm not saying all or even a majority of the functions need to be on a dial, but the way Canon does now can always be improved.

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