New High end Canon on the way.. Pt.2

Started May 4, 2005 | Discussions thread
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I don't by it.

It sounds all good and great and cool, but I simply don't by it. Not because they can't simply because they don't need to and, as a result, won't.


Gotya wrote:

I managed to get a little more info today from my source today
which follows up from this last thread.

He mentions that the focus system is some sort of "new" 12 point
system but could not seem to give the exact meaning to the "new"
part? (but it appears that it's not a 9 point area)

Also, the sensor is different from what we have seen so far? (I'm
really not sure what he means by this)

The big thing he said is that the new camera is NOT a follow up to
the 1D MKII and definitely a totally new design and name.

Roll on June/July 2005!

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