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Re: Continuous Autofocus and "hunting"...

Interesting theory... perhaps this is part of whats contributing to the shorter battery life....


Wayne wrote:

Comment has been made about the continuous autofocus mode and the
inability of the camera to "lock on". Reading the manual and using
the camera leads me to believe that it is working as intended. The
manual states "When the shutter-release button is pressed partway
down, the autofocus system will activate and continue to focu until
the exposure is made. This mode is not meant to "lock on", it is
continuously scanning in a narrow range in order to be able to
track movement. I may not get to test it for a few days but it
appears that by being continuously active it may in fact be
"anticipative" of movement and more likely to be in a "zone" of
focus when movement occurs. Just conjecture - gotta test it.


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