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Re: Some moer info...

Probably a good one. I may have overridden the program or drove down an automatic gain circuit in the receiver before descrimination of the signal. Guess the poster who complained about it shutting off with the sun over his shoulder nay have had something - have to check it out. Thanks.


Jim Popenoe wrote:

Wayne wrote:

Hi Bryan,

I had come to the same conclusion as you did. What I didn't
understand is that the EVF turns off when I turn on the flashlight.
An I.R. proximity sensor alone should not have behaved that way.


I suspect that the IR emitter emits pulses of a certain pattern,
and the internal firmware is programmed to respond to pulses of
that pattern from the IR sensor. If the sensor responded to
continuous IR, the EVF would be on all of the time in sunlight,
which would waste the battery. I suspect that, as with sunlight,
the camera recognized the continuous IR from your incandescent
flashlight bulb and switched the EVF off. Just my guess.


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