Anyone have 35 1.4L & 24-70L?

Started May 1, 2005 | Discussions thread
localnet Regular Member • Posts: 496

As far as Norman Camera, I was in their store on Thursday of last week. Lots of nice stuff, Canon, Nikon, Apple Computers, etc... High end video and p&s's, little bit of everything. Very busy store at 1pm in the afternoon. They had about 5 people working the counters, very friendly and no pushy sales people to deal with. Good old mid-west friendly service. And the store was very clean and American owned. I was treated very well, had a couple of laughs with the salesmen as I plunked down $1574.00 for a Canon 85mm 1.2L lens.

As I said, the store was busy, and from the looks of things, they may need to move, as space was at a premium. Pallets of stuff on the sales floor, as the back room looked full. I would not hesitate making a purchase over the internet from these guys, very professional operation.


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