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Re: About batteries...

Perhaps I can help a bit here. If the drain is high on the battery (cells) for a short period, the actual output from the cell pack, i.e., the battery, will decrease at this point. However, after the drain is REDUCED for a subsequent period of time, the voltage will be inclined to creep up again.

Although I do not have the D7 yet, I suspect that the "trigger voltage" on the chip in the camera that detects "low" voltage has been triggered--that is, the circuitry "thinks" that the battery is actually exhausted.

Hope this explanation helps you folks some.

Bryan Biggers wrote:
Hi Wayne,
I'm thinking the same thing. I am getting the false battery low
message with NiMH also. It seems to happen when there is some extra
current draw, like if you put your eye up to the EVF and it is set
to turn on, or if you run the focus motor. When the batteries are
done, they are not completely drained, and they aren't that hot as
you said.
I'm thinking now that it may correlate with just certain sets of
NiMH that I have. I have 5 or 6 sets, but only one set is 1600 mAH,
have to get some more. Possibly some can provide less current than
the others. The camera must be super current hungry, and when a set
can't provide enough, it thinks that they are done and gives up on
some sets before they are drained.

Wayne wrote:

Something strange may be going on with the power management of the
D7. I haven't had time to sort this out yet but I do have an
observation. When the camera shuts down for lack of power I of
course replace the batteries. I've noticed that they are no where
near as hot at this point as they get with my Casio under like
conditions. When I charge said batteries they recharge in a shorter
than expected time. It may be that the batteries in fact have a
significant amount of energy left. The manual has a warning
concerning the early display of the low battery signal with
alkalines - I wonder if there's a problem with NiMH also? My work
schedule is too heavy for the next few weeks to allow me to check
into this further, maybe someone who also works in electronics can
rig-up a test fixture to see what voltage and Wh are left in the
batteries. We've been doing some work at my company with Nimh
batteries lately - I'll see if one of our technicians has a test
already set-up.


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