My first impressions - and some info...

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Re: My first impressions - and some info...

KT wrote:

Dave Martin wrote:

I'm trying to be sensible and wait for the price of Microdrives to
drop and the camera to be fully debugged and rectified, but having
got my hands on one I don't know if I'm going to last.
I fully concur with your comments on build quality, Wayne, and as
for the EVF I just thought, WOW, that's just fine for me.
Aside with the the desirablity of the camera, if I don't buy one
I won't have an excuse to hang out with you guys ( and of course,
Tric and KT! )


You can get a 1 gig microdrive for £248.00 inc vat at Digital
Depot, and you are right, if you don't jump in the water with us we
won't let you play!!



My bank manager doesn't even know you, and already he hates you! But the thing about temptation is, always give in at once or it may pass you by.

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