My first impressions - and some info...

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Re: My first impressions - and some info...

Dave Martin wrote:

I'm trying to be sensible and wait for the price of Microdrives to
drop and the camera to be fully debugged and rectified, but having
got my hands on one I don't know if I'm going to last.
I fully concur with your comments on build quality, Wayne, and as
for the EVF I just thought, WOW, that's just fine for me.
Aside with the the desirablity of the camera, if I don't buy one
I won't have an excuse to hang out with you guys ( and of course,
Tric and KT! )


You can get a 1 gig microdrive for £248.00 inc vat at Digital Depot, and you are right, if you don't jump in the water with us we won't let you play!!


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