My first impressions - and some info...

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Re: My first impressions - and some info...

My D7 arrived late Friday afternoon! Luckily my dealer received more than 1, because the first one we unpacked had a loose rubber cover on the DC connector bay. I tried a quick portrait shot of my white cat. My preliminary conclusion is that I can blur out a background better with the D7 than with my E10. I love the compact size! The zoom feels good to me. I see what Phil means about the focus - not as sure footed as I hoped for - perhaps more Vectis class than Maxxum class, but still acceptable compared to what I've become acustomed to with digital cameras. If you release pressure from the shutter button, then press half way again, it seems to start searching for the focus from scratch rather than refining from where you left off. The D7's I tried all seem to have shipped with wrong default diopter adjustment on the finder - they all needed some adjusting. Weight balance of the camera feels ok to me, maybe because the camera is so small and light to begin with and I'm used to keeping the left hand on the zoom ring. I'm not pleased with the documentation for the viewer program. I think I'll be spending some time reviewing Phil's or Steve's description.

Saturday morning - In light of day I could discern a thin vertical blue streak down my 780 print of my first two test shots. I hoped it was my printer glitching, but armed with knowing just where to look, sure enough the same streak was in the raw photos straight out of the camera. Had to make a quick run back to my dealer and trade the 2nd camera in for the 3rd. Clearly there is an advantage to buying from your local dealer - at least I wasn't shipping cameras back to Minolta. (This one better work - I've run through all the cameras they received.) My dealer said they've seen this symptom from light leaks, but to me it looks more like one whole column of the imager chip was not being read properly.

Based upon my experience - 2 out of a sample of 3 very obviously defective, it would appear that Minolta quality control is the customer. But this is not unique to D7's. A month ago my dealer encountered a string of perhaps worse problems in a shipment of E-10s.

PS- I must have a perverse streak. My previous cat was jet black, and this one is solid white - the two worst subject colors - but an excellent test for how well a camera can do. This cat is an odd eyed white (one blue and one chartreuse eye). With her pink nose I could almost call her RGB. The weird thing is that while the blue eye will get traditional red eye from a flash, the chartreuse eye gets green eye! Has anyone ever retouched green eyie? Rather than face retouching green eye I took that first shot with evening ambient light and very strong shadows across my cat.

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