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Some moer info...

Some might remember that I "went off" when someone had the temerity to compare the D7 to the Sony DSC S85. One of my comments was concerning the manual focus of the S85. Phil's spec sheet calls out 14 discrete steps from closest focus to infinity focus. I just checked the D7 - I got 27 steps at 28mm and over 100 at 200mm EFL - seems like Minolta has their act together here also.

And for the people who asked about the nature of the proximity sensor for the EVF I have a puzzling observation. It turns on the EVF when an object is about 2" away from the eyepiece. I placed a flashlight (torch to some of you) up against the eyepiece, the EVF came on. When I switched the flashlight on the EVF went off. Think you got it? Think again! I then passed my eyeglasses in front of the sensors (there are 2 windows), the EVF turns on when my glasses are held in front of the sensors (without my head being in them). It also turned on when I passed transparent cellophane in front of them. Very curious indeed. Could they have gone to the trouble of haveing a proximity sensor AND a light sensor incorporated? The dual-window setup would lead me to believe that it's a proximity sensor. But then the question is how is it accomplished? I.R. radiation? If it's a specific band it may reflect off of the glass and the cellophane the same as it would off of your face. Wouldn't explain the flashlight reaction though.

In the manual exposure mode ther is no "meter" presentation as such. But the EVF appears to be very accurate as it follows the exposure adjustments.

The spot metering does not appear to follow the flex point focusing - it stays in the center of the screen.

The following note is in the manual:" The camera temperature rises with extended periods of use. Care should be taken to avoid burns when handling the camera, batteries, or compact flash card." Man, all I can say to Minolta is don't ever order a cup of coffee from MacDonald's!

One sure way to tell if your camera is a U.S. version - look at the bottom of the camera for the FCC sticker. If, instead it has a European Union sticker, a VCI sticker(Japanese), or a Canadian sticker - IT AIN'T AMERICAN! Once again I want to reiterate I DID receive a Minolta U.S.A. Warranty card with my camera.

Also, one last thing. For those of you contemplating getting a non-Minolta AC adapter. Be aware that I've seen mention that the Minolta version is a 2amp unit. Most of the ones that you will find will be around 1200ma. - 1500ma., it's probably not a good idea to try to use one of these considering all that we know about power consumption in this camera.

Until later.

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