Canon 100-400 IS or Tamron 200-500

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Re: Canon 100-400 IS or Tamron 200-500

I was testing these two lenses just couple of months back and chose Tamron over Canon even though I got Canon for only $1100 (vs $1450 full price).

In a shell: Both lenses are fantastic, so you will not make a wrong choice either way. Canon had better contrast and CA but Tamron was sharper at the edges and simply perfectly complimented my 70-200 F4L. I also got Tamron 1.4x televonverter and the camera AF with both well except in the twilight conditions. I did not really care about IS that much to be frank. It was useless for me shooting wildlife as I try to keep the shutter fast and use high ISO when conditions ger darker. For static compositions my monopod was as good as IS, so it did not matter either.
Here's the original thread:

Voltaire Yap wrote:

Hi everyone! Any thoughts on which one to purchase? I am not
going to print poster size pictures--just trying to have more reach
but sharp images. I'm going to use this on a 20D.

I've read both reviews on the Tamron 200-500 and the Canon
100-400IS but I'm still uncertain.

Also, is the dust build up on the 100-400 true or is it a myth? Is
the dust going to the sensor or inside the lens?

I already have a 70-200 f/4 so I'm just going for longer reach.

Thanks in advance.

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