Dell Deal On 10-22 Again.......

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The latest disappointment

I don't know if anyone's still following this thread, since I seem to be the last remaining person who ordered the 10-22 on March 10 and who still hasn't gotten his lens from Dell.

I've just concluded a 2-hour phone conversation with three Dell people. The first one told me that my May 5 estimated ship date is now in jeopardy and it looks like 2-3 weeks now.

I escalated, citing the success of everyone here and asking that my order be reassigned to a more competent middleman. The second of three people told me that, regrettably, Dell no longer offers the 10-22 and that's that. [He asked, absurdly, if I might instead enjoy an alternative, in-stock lens, the Canon EF 75-300 mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Telephoto Zoom Lens . (some wide-angle lens, isn't it!)] I reminded him that Dell still must honor existing orders. I escalated once more.

The third person suggested that perhaps if we cancel my order and reestablish it under a new order number, that it would be assigned a new middleman--perhaps the one that was successful in providing lenses to the people in this thread. I balked at that, envisioning going to the back of a new line for a product no longer handled by Dell. That person is now consulting with others to see what they can do for me.

The customer should never be exposed to this internal Dell stuff--multiple vendors (middlemen), etc. We should be served in the order at which our orders were submitted. But since Dell persists in explaining away their problem by saying they have multiple suppliers and it's out of Dell's control, I have to deal with it. Has anyone else here gone through similar machinations? Have you ever been persuaded to cancel and resubmit an order, as a workaround for a supply problem?

As it appears to me, I'm stuck with this 20D body and no lens. I have very little confidence that I'll finally get my lens from Dell. I've been promised a phonecall today (after person#3 has 'consulted'), so anything's possible--except, perhaps, that Dell do as I suggested and order a lens from B&H and send it to me.

I've spent almost 23 hours in phonecalls (and being put on hold) and emails with Dell, and have cost them at least 10 employee-hours--most paid at US rates. At that rate, they'd be money ahead to send a courier into the city to pick up a lens at a competitor's store.

Just venting, sorry. Hope the rest of you are enjoying flawless specimens of your 10-22s, and that you'll be posting some of your shots. (Honest, I won't spray paint them! lol)


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