Canon 20D vs Fuji S3 PRO!!!!!

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Just some observations from a Fuji fan & customer. I’ve been thinking about upgrading

Just some observations from a Fuji fan & customer. I’ve been thinking about upgrading my camera again, I’ve had my S7000 for a little over a year & it’s been a fabulous work horse producing some amazing results. I only shoot on 12mp & the prints are astounding. I print 18x24 & 20x24 but none the less they've excellent color & detail reproduction.

I’ve been reading a lot about the new Canon D20 lately & I’ve been comparing images from the D20, Fuji S3PRO & even comparing all those to me trusty S7000. Bottom line is I’m not a techy kinda guy & don’t care to be, what I do care about is how the end results look when printed. To be completely honest I personally, can’t tell the difference between images shot with the Canon D20 & one shot with my S7000

In fact if anything I prefer images shot with my Fuji S7000 they’re much more vibrant, clearer & just feel more alive than those I’ve seen shot with the Canon D20. (I’ve nothing against Canon, by any means & own several Canon 35mm’s)

The only real difference that I can see in image quality is images shot with the Canon 1ds Mark II, then there’s a world of difference. However if anything think I’ll keep my S7000 & consider buying a S3PRO. Fuji is still the best buy in it’s price range & it’s reputation is constantly being supported by it’s phenomenal image quality… regardless of what others may say . Just a few thoughts & observations from a Fuji Customer. I'm not brand loyal, just quality loyal.

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