Does anybody use a color temperature meter?

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Re: Does anybody use a color temperature meter?

I have it used lately because we had to shoot on 4x5 slide film again, and the test films were too blue. Anyway, you need a lot of filters to use a color meter properly.

On the other hand, even in the digital age it makes sense to use conversion filters. Sure, you can do the white balance later in the raw file, but you don´t get the same quality.

Just imagine shooting with tungsten light. The light is yellow, this means a lack of blue. So your blue channel is regularly underexposed. If you use a white balance, the underexposed blue channel will be enhanced. The result is a grainy, blotchy channel.

If you use a conversion filter while shooting, the red and green channel will be exposed less, so all three channels are exposed similar, and you get a cleaner blue channel.

Is it visible? Sometimes, especially while shooting with tungsten lights.

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