S2 - Sensor size

Started Apr 22, 2005 | Discussions thread
Zarathustra Senior Member • Posts: 1,797
Don't worry about the sensor size.....

But worry about what the camera as a whole can deliver in pictures.

That being said is good to point out that the new sensor the S2 is using ( Sony ICX495) has better saturation (read dynamic range here) than the 7MP 1/1.8" sensor used in the G6 !!.

S2 -- 420 mV
G6 -- 385 mV
Nikon D70 -- 900 mV

S2 150 mV
G6 168 mV
Nikon D70 1060 mV

So the S2 needs more Gain to reach ISO50, so expect more noise.

I would have liked to see the Datasheet for the older Sony ICX451 sensor the S1 is using, but I haven't find it yet..

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