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Started Apr 14, 2005 | Discussions thread
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***151st post, a challenge to RM***

I am hacking into the message server here, as should be clear by the fact that this is the 151st post to this closed thread.

By the way, I am using the famed 'Cosingular Restricted Angular Photography' algorithms as they apply to computers (naturally of course). All thanks to Ratsy Mango, or whatever his name is. Some of you will remember his slip up in revealing too much about "his" TAP technique, which those 'in the know' will know was just rebranded info from Ernest Glitch.

So as to not bore you all too much, I will get right to the point. Rank Manure, or whatever his name is, is a puny, putrid, patsy who plagiarized potentially perfect processes for purely pointless purposes.

[Brief pause as I de-purse my lips and wipe off my screen]

So here is the ultimatum. I dare Ragged Muncher (if that is his real name) to post a rebuttal in this thread to prove his process. All he has to do is apply his TAP technique (as it applies to computers, naturally) to hack into the message servers and post a reply in this closed thread, like I have just done. If he makes no response (in this thread mind you) then he has failed, and is proved a fake phony photographer with false floundering fallacies that he foists on fair folk who frequent this forum.

[another brief pause, as my teeth feel dry]

So Rotund Motorhome, the line has been drawn in the sand, do you dare answer the challenge?!?! I bet you won't dare. Bauk bauk bauk*

Reply if you dare!!!!!!!

Dare, dare, dare!!!!!!

Double dare even!

Double DOG dare!!!

(thats what English chickens sound like by the way for all our foreign DPReview friends)

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