Using the histogram to adjust exposure settings - please help

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Theresa K
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Expose to the right is very workable with the fzs.....

johnc51 wrote:

That sounds great if shooting in RAW, which we (FZ owners) aren't.
The article didn't say whether the "stay right" maxim was good for
more novice users who don't have fancy PP sofware. I only have
Arcsoft, some HP tools which came with my PC and Adobe Photo Album
(again free with PC). None of these basic tools offer histograms
or slider controls that I've found anyway!

You can get programs reasonably priced that do. Paint Shop Pro is available for about $100, has a free trial, it's worth playing with. You can get it at:

It also has some other great tools for use with the fluzis, such as chromatic abherration and noise filters. Not to mention a great red-eye tool. It amazes me how tweaking the histogram can turn a marginal shot into a pretty good one.

Given that we have limited tools (s/w wise) is it still best to
stay right and bright?

Yes, use your histogram AND the highlight feature. Either dial down the exposure with the EV or learn to shoot in manual. It's quite easy, just decide what dof you want, use the appropriate f-stop, then dial up and down your shutter speed to accomodate the light. That's how you will get the best performance from the fluzis related to exposure.

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