Want Cheap Light? How about $65?

Started Apr 12, 2005 | Discussions thread
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I have 285's too, but....

Hi Zack:

I have had 2 285HV's for several years with umbrellas and Lumiquest products. I have dominately used them for indoor studio family portraits (for friends and family). I used them with my film cameras, my Sony F707 and now my Canon 20D. I usually fire a strobe on the camera, directed up or away, to fire the Vivitar's. I have had some great photos, but in my last photo shoot I became really frustrated with recyle time. I kept missing the moment. I use rechargable lithium batteries and my key light 285 has an AC adapter but I still need to be on 1/2 of full for lighting, especially if I use my dark backdrop. Plus my studio is in the garage and the walls/ceiling are not light colored (not even drywalled) so there is no reflected light. So I broke out my wallet and bought 2 800W Alienbees and a large softbox. Absolutely love them. No more missed shots waiting for my flashes to recycle. And the modelling lights really help me learn.

So my point? With your creativeness using the 285's, I can't wait to see what you will do with bigger strobes. Good luck.

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