Sigma 18-50 EX and Canon 17-40L Decision

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Sigma 18-50 EX and Canon 17-40L Decision

I've read through many of the posts regarding the above 2 lenses, which is one reason why they have made my final pairing of wide angle zooms. I'll list my "perception" of pros and cons as follows:

Sigma Pros:

(1) Constant f2.8 max aperture ( small advantage for me but nonetheless real )

(2) Cost - via reputable dealers, is approximately $175 USD cheaper ( not to quiblle here about finding it cheaper elsewhere, etc )

(3) Size - I am very indifferent about this as either will feel good on my 20D! Others may see the smaller size as an advantage.

(4) SLightly longer reach as a walkabout lens ( more an advantage than the slightly wider aspect of the Canon for me )

Canon Pros

(1) L Glass construction ( admittedly, a very subjective item and not really much of an advantage for me )
(2) Zoom mechanism does not alter lens size when zooming ( again not huge )

(3) Will work on a full frame camera or older cameras such as the 10D.. this is an advatage for me in terms of long term future usage since I do change camera bodies )
(4) USM focusing

(5) related to 3 above, on a 20D will be shooting through the sharpest portions of the lens.. am assuming will have a lesser vignetting effect as well when shooting at 17-18 mm versus the Sigma.

I'm also a little concerned about the flexboard issue though it sounds fixable... am hopeful this is now a permanent fix though Sigma has not yet written me back on this.

I don't want to overanalyze this any more than I already have. It may simply come down to budget and the extra reach of the Sigma, plus trying to make myself buy 3rd party glass. Any compelling reasons to go one way or the other here? It seems both choices are winners in one way or the other. Thx!

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