Want Cheap Light? How about $65?

Started Apr 12, 2005 | Discussions thread
maney gomes Senior Member • Posts: 2,061
Another few questions!

You must be very flater, your work based on such a simple setup has have the impact of a revolution on this forum....

With regard a couple of your shots:

Can you give out the procedures for the shot where they guy is in the air, how did that go, the guy kept jumping until you got it right? How many tries did this take?

Same with the guy with dreadlocks, how is that his hair seem to be in motion while his face seem like he was possing?

what is the trick for this part of the subject frozen in motion while the rest is still?

Second, I know you have a wireless set that issolates your camera from the highvoltage of the flash, I now have that same flash, but am afraid to connected it to my 5700 so I haven't use it yet. I can't afford a wireless set right now, so how could I get my 5700 to trigger this flash?


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