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My images are always processed before printing or sharing. Pianist and photographer Ansel Adams famously said "the negative is the composer's score and the print is the conductor's performance." This has always made sense to me. I printed my panatomic-X 35mm work carefully when I was twelve and I do the same now with custom crafted image processing software, NC, and PS.

I am certainly not a professional photographer, though it pleases me to be mistaken for one. It is probably most accurate to describe me as an advanced amateur: patient for the light, studious about technique, bold to get access, affluent enough for capable equipment, tolerant of error, eager to learn. So far, that has been enough to get better year over year, which is my goal.

No, I would not say that the D100 could not have done it. That would never be the case. Only two images would have been difficult to make with my D100, this one (not posted above) being the most challenging:

The reason is the low-light, long-exposure noise characteristics of my two cameras are truly as night and day. The D2x allowed me to capture this slow exposure with low enough noise to make the moves I needed to do with my color-correction software. (Mercury-vapor, low-pressure sodium, and incandescent all at mixed together. Was a tough shot to wrangle into the desired look.)

Tried to answer your questions. Hope this helps. Regards..

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