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Last shot

NASA may not, but the New York Times does. Their photographer (judging by the photo I saw the day after on the way home) hiked a ways behind me and the shot the same scene with something in the 200mm-400mm range. The shot was almost the same by the launch pad was larger compared to the orbiter. It was a better composition and my greatest lesson of the trip: "control foreground .vs background scale with focal length."

Thanks everyone for the kind comments. It was a "high pressure" thing for an amateur such as myself -- big opportunity to be there at KSC, using my new D2x that I have not yet mastered, mingling with real press, and with a dedicated video crew there filming us (Graham and I) photographing the shuttle with the gigapxl camera (www.gigapxl.org.) Amusingly, the D2x was also used as a viewfinder for the high-resolution camera (40k x 80k pixels).

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