Whats wrong with these pic's

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Re: Rick, any test results to post yet? (NT)

Sorry that it took so long to respond back to everyone. I had to go out of town for work and I'm just getting caught up on home projects.

Thanks to everyones responses and ideas. I have had email contacts with John and I did try a few things that he sugguested. I tried a soft and hard reset. I then tried some shots in "A'" mode as well as "S" mode and in both test the camera metered the incoming light and made suggestions to adjust shutter speed and or aperature setting. I then tried some shots after making the suggested adjustments and the images looked fine. So the metering system is working in A,and S mode. But it is not working in the Program (Auto) mode . I'm trying to contact Olympus now and get a repair quote and compare that to the price of a C4000. I choose the C4000 because it will fit in my Underwater case.
I might have a used C3040 for sale in a few days, minus the program mode .

Thanks again

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