Canon 20D vs Fuji S2Pro

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The bottom line is I think they both take equivalent images for all intensive purposes, but that the S2 has some deficiencies that are undeniable when you compare it to the 20D. That being said, the fact that this is a 2+ year old camera being comapred to a six-month old camera is just amazing in this day and age....If you have any further questions, I'd be happy to try and answer them.

I own both the S2 and the 20D. Skin tones are usually touted as the S2's trum card, but I believe the skin tones come down to a matter of taste. I've always found the S2 to be too saturated in the red channel to get faithful skin tones. I use the word faithful here because I often like the overly red rendering of skin tones of the S2. Now here's where it comes down to taste...I can produce FAITHFUL skin tones with the 20D and then add saturation that would match the S2. To my eye, resolution seems identical.

Now, lets talk speed and focus accuracy. I get a dramatically higher rate of keepers with the 20D, as the focus system is in a whole different universe. Start-up times, write times, continuous shooting speed...all dramatically better with the 20D. In addition, I find the 20D's viewfinder larger and brighter. Oh, also, E-TTL II is very consistent compared with the S2's flash metering.

Now I'm not trying to say the S2 is a bad camera, and it still takes great pictures for me and my family! In fact, it holds up amazingly well vs. brand new cameras, but it mostly sits on the shelf for me now.

Now, back to what I said in the beginning, this is all a matter of taste! The 20D offers incredible flexibility when it comes to the color reproduction of JPEG's, and you really can tailor the camera to your own taste, even if it is to reproduce an S2 look. The speed of the 20D is undeniable however, and I like to have that flexibility. However, I can't talk to what it would cost to switch mounts, as I don't have a huge investment in glass for either one.

I hope this helps, and is a fair report.

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