Canon 20D vs Fuji S2Pro

Started Apr 11, 2005 | Discussions thread
Jon Laye Senior Member • Posts: 2,485
Re: To all:

I have worked with almost every DSLR on the market in my studio. The S-2 was ok, but as said above, the 20D is better in virtually every way. Faster, better focusing, speed, flash control, noise. I feel that in the under $2500 range it's the best DSLR out there. We recently had an S-3 on loan from Fuji. Perhaps for landscape shooting where wide, wide dynamic range is needed the S-3 could be useful, but it was far too slow for virtually any portrait work, much less a wedding. While Nikon and Canon have improved on handling with their prosumer bodies, D70, 20D etc., Fuji is in the same boat as Kodak, no decent hardwre available. The 20D is virtually equal to the 1DmkII when used in the wedding/portrait arena. It has plenty of speed, accurate focusing, fast writing, it is unlikely that you will ever overrun the buffer at a wedding.


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