Canon 20D vs Fuji S2Pro

Started Apr 11, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon 20D vs Fuji S2Pro

I changed to a Canon 10D from an S2 Pro about 9 months ago. I used a Nikkor 80-400VR and 24-120, I now have a 100-400L and 28-135. I shoot exclusively in RAW

Pros (of Canon)

Much better focussing
Much better write speed
Much smaller file sizes
Doesn't have a green cast on images
Vertical release (with grip)
Better choice of RAW processing software


Much noiser than the S2 Pro particularly at 400 iso and above (but my 10D is much noisier than my partners so it may be a bad one)
For me - not so comfortable to hold, but it is close with the grip

Obviously some of these points are subjective and YMMV, but I hope this helps. Making the change worked out well for me


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