1.4X Extender with Canon 100-400IS

Started Jul 19, 2001 | Discussions thread
DonCohen Senior Member • Posts: 2,335
AI Servo @ 400 mm

Hi Don,

I guess it will depend on what bird, how fast it's flying, at what distance you are from the bird, etc., but I was able to have reasonable success using AI Servo, center focus point selected, in my Kiawah shots.

Some of these birds were not super-fast, and at close range it would be very difficult, but I didn't want people to think AF and AI Servo at 400 mm was totally useless for this type of shooting.

Some shots with this setup are at:




Don L wrote:
no, it's too hard to keep the point(s) on a flying bird.

Don L

Eric wrote:

So AI Servo didn't help tracking the bird at 400mm?

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