Just got a D70,, Any Advise for a newbe

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Re: Web Resources for a D70 newbe


Wecome. The things that helped me (are helping me) besides this forum are:

On this Forum are some helpful people. David Chin has been very helpful. He posted several Lessons on this forum. His posts have been compiled on his PBase site - http://www.pbase.com/dlcmh/d70_postsbydavidchin
He also has useful links at http://www.pbase.com/dlcmh/dslr_links

There is a useful list of D70 FAQs from this Forum Compiled by Mike Berning. See http://d70.rbst.net/

There is a Nikon D70: Lessons for Digital Newbies at the following link: http://members.aol.com/bhaber/D70/lessons.html

The "D70 Guide" by Thom Hogan is a much better users guide than the one that came with the camera. Tom Appraches from an experience Pro Film SLR and Pro DSLR point of view. See his web site - http://bythom.com I bought the ebook and highly recommend it.

The "D70 eBook" by Peter iNova is a very good tutorial on Digital Cameras and D70 DSLR. iNova approaches from the Nikon CoolPix and digicam point of view and from a PhotoShop point of view. His eBook includes several hundred PS Actions. See his web site - http://digitalsecrets.net/ I have this book and his CoolPix eBook and highly recommend it esp if you are going to use his PS Actions.

Another D70 resource on the Web is Ken Rockwell. He is an opinioned pro that some love and others have other opinions about. I like his free recomendations, but I adjust to my approach on photography. See his web site at http://www.kenrockwell.com An enjoyable read.

Most of all experiement and take pictures!

I hope this helps as a source for infromation.

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