Query: Dust in brand new D70, known problem ?

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Try this.............

........which works for me, (would suggest you return your camera and wait for a new one - if this is a faulty batch, what else may be wrong?) You will find you need to clean it yourself sooner or later

A lot of people use Pec-Pads & Eclipse liquid, which I understand can be very effective. I personally don't find I can get on with it and instead use the Scotch tape method, which always works first time every time and causes no damage at all according to my Nikon service agent who serviced it last week - no trace of the method left on the sensor at all. Here's how it works:

You need a 33m x 19mm Scotch Magic tape, made by 3M, Ref. No. 810 which comes in a green pack. Cut a strip 6" long and don't allow it to touch anything at all.

Perform a mirror lock-up, (see your manual), but make sure your battery is fully charged to avoid a shut down while cleaning.

With mirror locked up and lens removed you will see the sensor filter at the rear, (angled about 1" long and protects the sensor - you only have dust on the filter, not the sensor).

Fold your 6" strip of tape in half with sticky side out. Using the rear end of a biro or similar non-sharp piece of plastic, push from the non-sticky side of the tape at the middle point and gently touch it onto the filter. Push it out each side so that it covers it, (the tape is exactly the width of the sensor).

Once you have done this pull on one end and peel it off, (why you use a piece 6" long as it gives you some tails to work with), and you should have a spotless filter.

This may sound complicated but can be done in a few seconds once prepared. I have also done it "in the field", (try doing that with Eclipse liquid!).

Just to clarify and to avoid the undoubted deluge of experts who will tell you this may cause damage, it has never done so with me. I specifically told my Nikon agent when they serviced it that I had used this method around 9 or 10 times and would they please check for tape residue or other damage. They reported absloutely no trace whatsover and no damage at all.

I find this method much quicker than Pec-Pads and far more certain. Others will disagree - but whatever works for you is fine.


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