eye-piece renewal - inside of DS pics

Started Apr 9, 2005 | Discussions thread
OP mvb123 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,302
a little more info..

You just have to remove the 9 screws (all Phillips, remember the placing because they differ in length although the heads have the same size) and then the top will come off easily, no prying, no dialer/button to pull off etc. The piece with the diopter-adjustment is held by two tiny pieces of doublesided tape, so you can pull that off with a very minor force. Make sure you align the diopter-adjuster with the metal slider when assembling it. And the eyepiece lens itself is a piece of plastic that has some protruding knobs that click into a plastic frame. So it's all very easy, and I don't consider myself a 'modder' at all!

But instead of this procedure I think it is better to be careful with the plastic viewfinder-eyepiece.. It scratches easily, with a magnifying glass I could even see small scratches on the new one right out of the box.
BTW nice modding site!

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