BG-E2 & 20D Loose - Adhesive Gasket

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BG-E2 & 20D Loose - Adhesive Gasket

I have a BG-E2 that has never shut off during use, but to me the BG-E2’s fit feels loose and cheap on such a great camera as the 20D.

It was quite a let down after using the camera with its solid feel of quality for a week and then the getting this grip with its “poorly designed, flexing top panel, & loose fit.”

It may be my nitpicking, but I expected much better from CANON. They have been my favorite camera company for more than 25 years.

This is what I did to get rid of my dissatisfaction with the fit and feel of my 20D-BG-E2 combo.

I made an “Adhesive 20D+BG-E2 Gasket”.

I used a very thin double sided cloth tape (

The grip now fits my 20D perfectly and feels like it should, VERY SOLID, NO WIGGLE, NO FEEL OF LOOSENESS, & NO CHANCE OF COMING LOOSE. It really helps the 20D, BG-E2 combo feel much more like a pro camera. The top plate of the grip does not flex up any more, period. When I hold the camera by the BG in the vertical position with a heavy lens and flash I can jerk the camera around with no 20D to BG flex, it feels much much better.

It feels solid as a rock.

I always use my camera with the hand strap attached so I never need to remove my grip. This “fix” works great for me and cannot be seen.

I will try to get some pictures made the next time I make a gasket showing the process before and after it is attached to my 20D & BG-ED (Because the tape gets goofed up each time the BG is removed you have to make new gasket every single time).

I have had no problems with the batteries after I realized you should NEVER INSTALL BG WITH the BATTERIES inside the grip or it will LIE to you ABOUT BATTERY levels until you take it OFF the camera, and then REINSTALL BG WITHOUT the BATTERIES. I use mine every day and get 2+ weeks of use before time to recharge with one pair of batteries.

The battery grip does seem to use up one battery a little bit faster than the camera alone but with two batteries installed it last a very long time. I prefer the balance of the camera with the weight of two batteries installed and I really like not having to worry about short battery life.

Maybe you don’t mind a little looseness and wiggle in your grip, but I did. It is bound to cause problems over time.

This cheap simple fix worked for me because I seldom if ever will take my grip off the camera, it may or may not work for you.

(PS My grip came from B&H is about 60-days ago with S/N #053XXX and it has never caused the camera to malfunction. I am sure it never will because of poor connections, or at least not after this simple mode. But why should I have to do such a thing in the first place? This is a question only CANON can answer or maybe you can. You know it is a shame to have to rig something up to make it fit tight. It should have been made to fit tight right from the start. It is clearly a bad design and/or poorly tested product.)

But now with this new solid feel of my 20D-BG-E2 combo, my endearment for the 20D is even stronger.

I would like to here what any somebody else thinks about my solution.

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