Is Nikon Mode III really sRGB?

Started Apr 6, 2005 | Discussions thread
John Yu Senior Member • Posts: 1,206
Re: Why multiple sRGBs

Hi Bob,

Do you mean you're going to use Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) for the RAW conversion? If so, the colour mode set on the body is redundant and ignored by ACR.You can set the output colorspace on the ACR screen.

RFoskett wrote:

My first post so please bear with me. I currently shoot in jpeg
but will be moving to raw now that I have PS CS. I post all my
images in PS before I have them printed.

Where should I be settig my camera, sRGB or Adobe RGB. I was under
the impression that if I did post production in PS that I should
shoot in Adobe RGB. With my daughter's wedding coming up I need
your direction to make the right decision.


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