1.4X Extender with Canon 100-400IS

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Re: I modified the Canon 1.4X to include autofocus

Is that with the red orientation dot at the top or with it at the
bottom. Is it the three contacs on the raised portion of the

I assumed that the three pins not found on my other extender were for aperature data transmission. These are the three pins at the opposite end of the pin row from the raised three pins. The raised three pins are at the other end.

When you face the extender from the lens side orient the red dot to the bottom thus putting the coupling pins at the top. The three pins are the left-most three pins. The are also the three pins at the most counter-clockwise position of the group.

Other non conducting tapes should work. I used Scotch Magic Mending Tape because it was easy to remove.

Again, I do not know if this does any harm. I have not observed any yet.

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