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JK, you're slower than molasses running uphill, but you do good work

Hey I'm old and grumpy

Unfortunately, Nikon only covers manufacturing defects for 12 months

Actually that is NOT entirely true. It is TOTALLY dependant on the countys own laws. Here in OZ, there is no such thing as a 1 yr warranty. Warranty is for the EXPECTED life / use of the product. Over the last year, I have won a few warranty issues for products (mainly Interent related) that were WELL past 2-3 yrs (Two were quite huge wins, but I have to keep my yap shut :-)). In fact I'm about to go LinlSys Routers for a design fault in their S/Mode P/Supply. I now have a few that have failed due to LinkSys using standard electrolytics in a S/Mode section. These are drying out after 1.5 - 2.0 yrs and exploding. I love my job

Fortunately in OZ, we still have very powerful govt agencies ie ACCC that do GREAT work for the public. I just hope we don't loose it.

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