Whats wrong with these pic's

Started Apr 6, 2005 | Discussions thread
sherwoodpete Veteran Member • Posts: 7,767
Wow these are bad!

RickKlem wrote:

I have a C3040 and it started having problems (samples below).
Mostly outdoor shots.

Everything looks washed out or too bright.

Is it a setting problem or do I need to pay a shop to fix it? I
only use auto setting. I have tried with out flash but no help.


To be honest I've never seen anything like these before. I mean, it does not look like overexposure or wrong camera settings. My first instinct is that the camera has some kind of problem.

However... could you give details of the exposure (shutter/aperture/iso) for these pics.

Also, you say you use only auto settings, so you could try some shots using manual exposure at higher shutter speed and smaller aperture to see if its just the exposure metering in your camera.


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