1.4X Extender with Canon 100-400IS

Started Jul 19, 2001 | Discussions thread
DonCohen Senior Member • Posts: 2,335
Thanks to all for the replies/advice

Hi Don,

Thanks for the info and experience report.

I know what you mean about AF at 400 mm, although I had modest success during the few hours I tried it at Kiawah. It is tough to keep that point on the bird!

I guess I'll have to practice a little without the AF, and see what it's like. I'm really tempted to at least try the 1.4x which will get me to 560 mm.

Best regards,


Don L wrote:


I've been taking a lot of flying gull photos with my 100-400mm lens
this summer (at 400mm). I have found the AF is almost useless in
this situation, since it's hard to keep the focus point on the
bird. I use manual focus and it takes a little practice to move the
focus ring in the right direction. It's a bit of a crap shoot and I
have a lot of out of focus pics, but it's still better than AF. I
also use 1/500 sec shutter to keep the wing tips sharp. But about 1
in 7 are keepers, and I'm getting better.

Don L

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