Best PSD(s) for wedding photography?

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Best PSD(s) for wedding photography?

Trying to get started with weddings. Lots to say about this...but let's narrow the topic to storage.

My theory for 1d primary and 10d backup and shooting about 1000-1500 pics per wedding:
Two 1 gb ultra II (one for each camera)
Two 512 mb ultra II (backup for each camera)

When one gig fills put in PSD device #1, and switch to 512 backup.
When one gig finishes copying, copy AGAIN in PSD device #2
Delete contents of card and reuse.
Note: both psd's in suit pocket or hip pouch.

1) Please comment on this strategy.

2) Should I get the same brand psd or two different brands? (hybrid vigor? for lack of a better analogy.)
3) Will walking (running?) to take pictures affect write integrity?

4) Despite the problems with the compactdrive pdx7, I feel it might be best for this idea due to its speed and the fact that 2 psd's provide enough redundency even for devices that don't get the best reliability ratings (no offense to anyone who owns or likes this device as I've never used it, strictly basing this on what I've read.) Any other brands, products, or alternative solutions?
THANK YOU, thank you, thank you in advance for any insights into this.

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